W1D3: Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stats: W2D1

  • 154 lbs
  • 35.5%Body Fat
  • 84 RHR














Thankful of going home in sunset, not darkness. The sky is dark, then blue, with a glow of pink, yellow and then orange-red at the horizon. Winter cold is here, bun the light is returning.


W1D2: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stats: W1D2

  • 156 lbs
  • 36% Body Fat
  • RHR












For friends who stop to chat at the gym. Thankful for friends who remember me in Hong Kong and bring back something for me unexpectedly.

Week 1, Day 1: Happy New Year!



  • 156lbs
  • 34% body fat (according to the Taylor Body Fat Analyzer Scale I think it is this one).
  • Resting HR: 86 bpm

I took photos of myself from the neck down, they are so not going up here and are for my records only.

Food Log:

Not shown:

  • Carrots
  • One bite of pretzel rolled in melted peanut chips and mini chocolate chips (Seriously it was only one bite – the SO ate the rest)
  • Green tea


Thankful for B&D hosting a hushed NYE party, where we whispered the countdown to avoid waking the 8-month-old baby upstairs.



Starting over

Well, a lot happens in a few months.

Promotion at work.

New boyfriend.  Actually, he is the man of my dreams, the Mr. Chihuly glass blower.

Writing goals/challenges.  Novel isn’t going to write itself.

All good things that have stopped this little blog in its tracks.

I stepped on the scale to find myself heavier than I have ever been in my life.  Worse than the weeks after Gran died.  Call it happy weight. 157 lbs just now.  Granted, I fluctuate give or take 5 pounds of water weight during the month.  Pants that were once loose now nearly buckle at the seams. Blouses that used to be loose now fit me worse than sausage casings.  You can see it in my face.  I’m getting fat around the jowls.

But it’s been a lot of eating out, a lot of me cooking in using tasty, but high caloric meals laced with butter and cream or both and/or cheese.  Penne with vodka cream sauce, crock pot lasagne, chicken franchisee, chicken piccata, grilled sage chicken, grilled flank steak, grilled Delmonico steak, lots of El Diablo Burrito, Chinese take out, Vietnamese, fantastic Argentine food for our six months together, far too many cafe mochas and frappucinos at Starbucks in the B&N, bagels for breakfast, no limit on my carbs.

Then there was the pear pie.  Which was supposed to make it into work with him to his job #2, but never made it past his apartment door.  He did not feel guilty at all.  I still don’t think he’s told them that there was ever a pie.  Pie?  What pie?

But I love seeing people eat my food all relaxed and happy and smiling.  Especially him.

Yet, we both admit we have a problem, our bodies were never meant to be at their current size.  Our knees, if they aren’t already, will be suffering the worse for wear very soon.

Did I mention that there is a banana bread resting at this very minute on my kitchen stove?  Work potluck.

Something needs to change.  He went for a bike ride without me since I had Bibles Study at my house, which has turned into more of a prayer group.  So that’s something.  My bike is in his basement.  It is shiny and new and ridden two or three times.  I look like an imbecile when I ride, and when I nearly crash into things.

I was thinking of joining planet fitness with him and doing their circle of circuit training, kind of like Curves but co-ed.

I’ve done couch to 5k, but made it to week 6, but no further due to vacations and losing the motivation.

But it’s good to have a goal again.

Photos and log start again tomorrow.  40 pounds in 40 weeks again.  And this time, that’s probably not as aggressive as it once sounded.  The weight part of happy weight has to go.  I bet the happy is here to stay.

Is this thing on?

Testing, testing…

Oh, hello, world. Miss AO invited me to join her on this little venture, and it intrigued me enough to say, “I would love to!”

Of course, I said that after she convinced me that I didn’t need to try and loose 40 pounds of myself. I think if I tried to loose 40 pounds, I’d end up scaring a lot of people. I lost 20 pounds once and someone told me I looked sickly then. I can’t imagine what they’d say if I lost 40.

I will however, be loosing at least a total of 40 pounds of … something. Be it from myself, or from my bedroom, or wherever. I keep meaning to simplify and get started very nicely, and then fizzle out. Maybe this will keep me motivated? Here’s hoping.

What’s prompted this little endeavor? A variety of reasons that I am sure I will be going into more detail as the next weeks and months unfold. How much weight to I intend to loose? I set myself the goal to try and loose a total of 25 pounds (at least to begin with) back in March. I’ve lost 12 of that so far, and I don’t intend to stop. So we’ll make the weight portion of my goal an even 15 pounds (for addition purposes; Math and I don’t typically get along very well). The rest of the 40 pounds I will make up in other things. (I guess this means the 12 pounds I’ve lost since March won’t count towards my 40, will they?)

To give you a bit more background, I’m a friend of Miss AO’s from church. I love to read, watch movies, listen to music, crochet, hang out with friends, spend time with family, drink coffee and/or tea, laugh, smile, hold my niece & nephews and have only recently become (slightly) addicted to Zumba. I tend to geek out about things, so don’t be surprised if one day I don’t just randomly post about something geeky that makes me extremely happy (like the fact that I just got a laptop case for my new-to-me laptop [which shall forever henceforth be known as “Neville”] yesterday for dirt cheap! Woohoo!). I would also consider myself a writer of sorts, though do not ask me to share with you anything just yet; I’m rather shy about it. In my spare time, I work as an administrative assistant. And I think that’s enough to be going on with for the moment.

I won’t be around much for the next week, as I’ll be heading out of town for a vacation up to Maine with family. We’ll be hiking and camping, and doing all sorts of fun exploring. I fully intend to weigh myself before I go and after I get back.


“Don’t point. You’ll poke holes in the air and all the faeries will escape.”

Good Morning: Week 1, Day 1

Good morning laundry! The great thing about my washer is that it has this feature called “delay.” I loaded up my darks last night and set it for 5:30am, and by 6:30am, my wash is done. I popped it into my dryer and I should have toasty clean clothes for work at 7 so I can leave. Toasty should be okay as long as it doesn’t hit 100 degrees again like it did last week.

I don’t know if my first item out counts.

They’re my favorite black shoes to wear to work. They’re a pair of Clarks I bought for $60 more than a year ago on clearance at Famous Brand Shoes. I just bought two pairs of the same shoe to replace it. Two pairs to replace one pair sounds crazy if my goal is to get rid of things, but there is some efficiency at buying two things if it’s something I know I will use every week for years. I bought two pairs for $100 (saved $20) and they’ll arrive later this week and were shipped free from the Clarks store in Christiana mall. The stuff in my house will be net positive after they arrive, so we may have to say their weight does not count. If I can get rid of four pairs of shoes to justify these two pairs, then cool, right? I never used to spend more than $20 on a pair of shoes from payless, but I would have to put money into them getting the heels re-soled once or twice and I might as well have bought a more expensive pair that would last longer.

This is an example of what an old broad I’m turning into, I no longer buy “cute” shoes, I buy “sensible” ones.

Does it sound as if I’m starting off on a bad foot?

Where are they going? Shoes to share.

And the great question on Day 1 is, how much do I weigh today?

It’s 7am and I haven’t had water or breakfast yet. Here goes.

154.5 lbs. Yikes. I’m 5’2″ and it’s on my waist and caboose.

Steps: Sunday I forgot to wear the pedometer.

Saturday I put it on after a wim in the pool and recorded 556 steps which doesn’t seem quite right.

What I ate:



1 Fried Egg, 1/2 tsp of butter, salt and pepper

16 oz water

My coworkers heard my tummy growling at 10:40am


1 Spicy Tuna Roll ( 239 cal, 43 cal from fat,2 5g saturated, 338 sodium, 5g sugar, 36g carb)

1 California Roll (236 cal, 37 cal from fat, 477 sodium, 6g sugar, 42g carb)

2 Tbs Low Sodium Soy (guessing here)

Wasabi (10 cal, 0 cal from fat, 0g saturated, 0 sodium, 1g carbs)

1 Tbs Chili Sesame Oil (122 cal, 120 from fat, 2g saturated, 0 sodium, 0g sugar, 0g carb)

20 oz water

16 oz hot tea with half a packet of truvia

16 oz iced tea with a packet of truvia

Back to hungry at 3pm in time for my meeting.

One of my bosses did the Jorge Cruise Belly Off diet. 120 g of carbs a day, 15 g of sugar a day and dropped it like it’s hot.

So, that’s far I’m at 79 carbs, 11 sugar and I have a Zumba class at 6pm before dinner.

Next question: Will I pass out? Answer: Nope! I did down another 20oz bottle of water, though.


Fried tofu and kimchi. Yeah, yeah, I have the Korean taint and eating kimchi is the most Korean thing I ever do thanks to Young’s market. No idea on the nutritional value of either the kimchi or tofu. I was still hungry and polished off a individual size of smart food popcorn.

It’s 8:52pm and I am still hungry but the pedometer says 10,513 steps, which might be a lot considering the hip swinging that goes on at zumba.

I will see if a hot cup of rooibos tea and truvia will tide me over until morning. More kimchi can’t hurt, right?

Wonder if I can still have my gummy vitamins and stay under the sugar limit?