W1D3: Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stats: W2D1

  • 154 lbs
  • 35.5%Body Fat
  • 84 RHR














Thankful of going home in sunset, not darkness. The sky is dark, then blue, with a glow of pink, yellow and then orange-red at the horizon. Winter cold is here, bun the light is returning.


W1D2: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stats: W1D2

  • 156 lbs
  • 36% Body Fat
  • RHR












For friends who stop to chat at the gym. Thankful for friends who remember me in Hong Kong and bring back something for me unexpectedly.

Week 1, Day 1: Happy New Year!



  • 156lbs
  • 34% body fat (according to the Taylor Body Fat Analyzer Scale I think it is this one).
  • Resting HR: 86 bpm

I took photos of myself from the neck down, they are so not going up here and are for my records only.

Food Log:

Not shown:

  • Carrots
  • One bite of pretzel rolled in melted peanut chips and mini chocolate chips (Seriously it was only one bite – the SO ate the rest)
  • Green tea


Thankful for B&D hosting a hushed NYE party, where we whispered the countdown to avoid waking the 8-month-old baby upstairs.



Perpetual calendar journal, daily thankfulness, and the secret to happiness

Remember when I mentioned how I keep an old school moleskine calendar?

I’m thinking of keeping an old school perpetual calendar journal.

What are they?

Have a look on Pinterest.

I can write a sentence about something good that happened every day.

They say that changing your attitude to look for things to be grateful for can change your life.

The video is an engaging 12 minutes that looks at happiness.

My foot

My foot

Dropped a 5lb dumbbell on my foot while organizing my office at home. Now look who the dumbbell is.

I was organizing into the wee hours last night and was moving boxes.


Just blogging here: Confessions of a Messy

Confessions of a Messy

I am a messy.

It is a diagnosis, but not a medical condition.

I don’t want to be a messy, but I am.

At home, I am easily distracted.

  • Facebook.
  • Pinterest.
  • Hulu.
  • Actually insert the whole of the internet here.

But prior to the internet entering my parent’s house at fourteen or so, I was still a messy.

I’m a functional messy, not a hoarder.  I keep up with real life, the bills get paid, but the bed might not get made.  No one will see it except me, so it’s my problem.  The desk might not get cleared of papers.  So what?  But I try for a habit my mom taught me.  If it can be avoided, never go to bed with dishes in the sink.  I have a tiny galley kitchen.  The counters are almost never clear.

I love tea.  I love making tea.  I love tea paraphernalia.  I love tea cups and saucers and tiny spoons and cow-shaped creamers.  It makes me slow down, be deliberate.  And boy, do I make a mess.  I use whole leaf tea, or rooibos herbal, I boil the water or at least use a thermometer to tell if the water is 180 or 205, the difference between a good green tea and an herbal or black.  I love tea pots.  I might use two – yes – two- in the preparation of tea.  The brown betty for brewing, the staub cast iron to keep it hot. I might even use a thermos.  Or several thermoses.  Then there are travel mugs, double walled things that let me see how much is left and keep it warm.  Making tea is a mess.  All the steeping equipment in the world ends up as a mess of wet leaves stuck to the gasket of my garbage disposal.

I’m not alone.  There are others out there.

I get fed up, then I make piles.  I squirrel the piles away.  I box the piles so I don’t have to look at them.  I put the boxes in the closet so I can pretend that they’re not there.  They’re there.  Waiting.

What is the biggest source of these piles?

  • Mail/Coupons/Bills/Correspondence
  • Receipts
  • Comic books
  • Library books

I also am a sticky note junkie.  I make a list to avoid doing the list.  I put it on a sticky note.  Sticky note becomes unstuck, or I forgot to date it, or put a due date on it, and it goes into a notebook, and is squirreled away again.

At work, I’ve found something to help me.  I bit the bullet and bought into the whole arc notebook system thing.  I bought the $40 hole punch.  I print my outlook calendar and any handouts I might have any scrap designs of experiments that my boss scratches out are punched and put there.  I have a year of arc notebook in my overhead closet.  I can search my email messages, find the date, flip to the outlook dated page in my notebook and find my handwritten notes.  It’s that easy.  I think I’ve got work covered.

Although I have an iPad 1 that I won in a charity raffle, I do not have a smartphone, and can’t upgrade until September.  I use a moleskine notebook for a calendar.  It fits in the purse nicely.  Has a pocket in the back for stamps (yeah, I always carry stamps in case).  It never runs out of battery or crashes.

I just cleared two piles from the office floor.  I had all day to do this.

It is now past 4am.  I have  a giant recycle pile, a giant shred pile, an accordion file with 2012 receipts, a box of things that need to go downstairs, and an overflowing garbage can.

I dropped a five pound dumbbell on my right foot when trying to move some boxes.  I two toes are still killing me.  I took an ibuprofen and stuck them on an ice pack right away to avoid too much swelling.  I figure if I broke them they’d hurt worse or couldn’t be splinted.

I’ve moved my 2012 calendar birthday stickies to my 2013 calendar.  I am awaiting confirmation of the singing schedule, video schedule, and writer’s group schedule before creating a small group calendar.

Trying to decide how long to hold on to back issus of Toastmatsers magazine, consumer reports, and my alma mater’s mag.  I don’t contribute to my alma mater.  I haven’t been able to attend a Toastmaster’s meeting for six months.  And I think I have an annual consumer reports rating book somewhere for 2013.  None of it?

How long does one save cute wedding invites?

It’s not that I can’t stop being a messy.  I can’t do it permanently.  It comes and goes usually upon arrival of house guests.

Anyone have any solutions or suggestions?


Fresh year and fresh start: Take 2

So, I made it to a certain number of weeks, quit blogging, and the weight came back.

But, I do know that it works, this logging thing.

And I just received 1,000 Gifts by e-gift (Thanks L!)  I set up this blog for a daily thankfulness.  And like the food photography, it got away from me.

So, what I’m doing is placing my last attempt (save my first few posts) in “draft” mode so they don’t appear here.

Clean slate as it were.

A lot has changed in 2012.  Promotion, new responsibilities at work, the guy who I dreamed blowing Chihuly glass because we visited the Delaware Art Museum with a group together is now my significant other.  I’ve cleaned out a lot of my basement, only to have it filled with things from my parent’s attic and basement.

I’ve tried to make things run smoother in my life:

  • I’ve tried to get organized with a daily declutter calendar, but it was sometimes geared to someone with kids or a larger home.
  • Renovated the master bathroom
  • I even made my own Freedom filer thing with my own labels and pretty much finished it for 2012, the twelve monthly files are upstairs in the office, the other stuff is in hall filing cabinet.  Hoping it works for 2013.
  • I had my Zappos account compromised, then bought a yubi key and subscribed to lastpass to fix the “I got compromised” problem for the long term. $12/year is not bad.

I made a half-hearted attempt at fitness:

  • I bought a fitbit ultra
  •  I lost a fitbit (several times and then it was gone for good when I lost it at work)
  • Joined earnd it and got some free swag.
  • Bought a bike in the heat of July  and need to ride it when it gets warmer.
  • Joined a gym in November, the SO is my gym partner, I haven’t had a gym buddy since Melissa S in my senior year of college.  We’re going to try to go a couple times a week after work.  We’ve been there together twice.

I’ve had some fun:

And I’ve neglected my writing and writing group.  Fridays nights are a treasure that I prefer to give the SO than use for myself, even if it is something I like to do.

I want to start being better with my free time, back to writing, back to thankfulness, and perhaps find a way to squeeze in the master’s program I’m considering for 2013 or another performance of the United Choirs of North Wilmington in late April.

But every new year is an arbitrary point in our revolution around the sun that, to everyone,  means a time to start over.

A time to be deliberate.

A fresh start.

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