You can call me Miss AO.  I’m 33 and I live in Wilmington, Delaware and I grew up and went to college in Maryland and moved here for work.  I’m an aspiring writer masquerading as an analyst by day.  Go figure.

40 pounds in 40 weeks is my attempt to chronicle my goal of losing 40 pound of flesh and 40 pound of junk in 40 weeks.  I guess the blog could really be 40 4o 4o, but that’s a bit much.

I want to do this for the right reasons.  Of course, my health and all.  But Courtney has the right idea.  I want to learn to love the body I have now, and I want to make it better so I might be able to better serve Him.

I want to rid myself of the possessions that I do not need so I am not burdened by them and so they do not possess me.


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