Look What I Did!

I know, I know, I’ve been gone awhile. The weight keeps going up and down, and so there didn’t seem to be any reason to be posting the same thing as before. But I have real progress now to show you all. Behold, I shall tell you a story.

I went on a cleaning binge a couple of weeks ago because I felt inspired. And I came up with 2 boxes worth of stuff.

Not bad for a couple hours worth of work.

One was a box of books…

(Don’t worry – the copy of “Little Women” is a duplicate. I wouldn’t be getting rid of that one. And if I ever want to read either “Little Men” or “To Kill A Mockingbird” again,  I plan to get them from the library.)

The second box was full of “stuff”…

(Stuff like a jump rope, lamp, picture frame, DVDs, shoes and underneath it all, clothes.)

I moved them out of my bedroom (boy, did it feel good!) and into my brother’s until I knew what to do with them.

Cut to the next weekend (last weekend). A friend of mine said she was planning to have a yard sale for Haiti this coming weekend and did anyone have stuff they want to donate?

My response?

“Oooh!! Pick me, pick me!!” *waves hands*

After a quick few phone calls & texts, it was all arranged.

Thankfully, I had the forethought to weigh it all before I turned it over.

And the grand total?

The box of books = 27.4 lbs.
The box of “stuff” = 14.8 lbs.

Yours truly has already gotten rid of approximately 42 lbs. worth of stuff!

This is not counting the 4 lbs. of stuff I gave away to my nephew at his first birthday party, or the 4 lbs. of stuff I gave away to my parents for their anniversary. Neither is it counting the stuff that I still have plans to give away (i.e., Christmas presents).

In a word = YAY!

(I will say this – it was hard to give the books away. But I have SO many of them, and there were quite a few that I will probably never read. And if by chance I do feel the need to read them, I’d rather borrow them from the library first.)


“Life is short. Read fast.”