More than Weight to Lose

And something to gain too, while I’m at it.

The first half of my week was taken up in doctor’s appointments and blood work. The results came back for the blood work. And the verdict is…

My vitamin D count is low and needs to come up.

My cholesterol is a tad bit higher than what is considered normal, and in my opinion (which isn’t shared by the doctor at the moment, mind you) needs to come down.

So, add in vitamin D, cut out foods that are bad for the high cholesterol, lose weight… anything else?

The vitamin D count needs to come up at least 11 points to be considered normal, and the bad cholesterol should come down by 20 points, and my total cholesterol ought to come down 10-15.

I should be able to tell how I’ll be doing with all this in 12 weeks’ time, as the doctor’s ordered more blood work then.

For the record, I’ve lost 3 pounds. At least that’s something, right?


“Enough. I shall be myself again.”


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