Well, I’m Back…

…and not entirely pleased with what the scale said when I stepped on it. Oh well. Was I missed? I’m not as brave as Miss AO in giving out actual numbers, but I will say that I gained more than 5. Boo.

I will give more details of how the trip went later, but for now, I will say that I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and the verdict was at least 17 pounds. That’s how much I need to loose in order to be a healthy (according to my doctor’s opinion) weight. I think it’s reasonable, and truth-be-told, it was what I was aiming for anyway. I figured I might as well ask while I had his attention. I was glad to see that at least we were both on the same page.

And I got myself a tall iced white chocolate mocha to reward myself for it and all the other doctor’s appointments I’ve got this week. At least it was with non-fat milk and no whipped topping, right?

PS – Bonus geek points if you know where the title quote comes from…


“I will now bring you up to speed. I know nothing. Now you are up to speed.”


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