Is this thing on?

Testing, testing…

Oh, hello, world. Miss AO invited me to join her on this little venture, and it intrigued me enough to say, “I would love to!”

Of course, I said that after she convinced me that I didn’t need to try and loose 40 pounds of myself. I think if I tried to loose 40 pounds, I’d end up scaring a lot of people. I lost 20 pounds once and someone told me I looked sickly then. I can’t imagine what they’d say if I lost 40.

I will however, be loosing at least a total of 40 pounds of … something. Be it from myself, or from my bedroom, or wherever. I keep meaning to simplify and get started very nicely, and then fizzle out. Maybe this will keep me motivated? Here’s hoping.

What’s prompted this little endeavor? A variety of reasons that I am sure I will be going into more detail as the next weeks and months unfold. How much weight to I intend to loose? I set myself the goal to try and loose a total of 25 pounds (at least to begin with) back in March. I’ve lost 12 of that so far, and I don’t intend to stop. So we’ll make the weight portion of my goal an even 15 pounds (for addition purposes; Math and I don’t typically get along very well). The rest of the 40 pounds I will make up in other things. (I guess this means the 12 pounds I’ve lost since March won’t count towards my 40, will they?)

To give you a bit more background, I’m a friend of Miss AO’s from church. I love to read, watch movies, listen to music, crochet, hang out with friends, spend time with family, drink coffee and/or tea, laugh, smile, hold my niece & nephews and have only recently become (slightly) addicted to Zumba. I tend to geek out about things, so don’t be surprised if one day I don’t just randomly post about something geeky that makes me extremely happy (like the fact that I just got a laptop case for my new-to-me laptop [which shall forever henceforth be known as “Neville”] yesterday for dirt cheap! Woohoo!). I would also consider myself a writer of sorts, though do not ask me to share with you anything just yet; I’m rather shy about it. In my spare time, I work as an administrative assistant. And I think that’s enough to be going on with for the moment.

I won’t be around much for the next week, as I’ll be heading out of town for a vacation up to Maine with family. We’ll be hiking and camping, and doing all sorts of fun exploring. I fully intend to weigh myself before I go and after I get back.


“Don’t point. You’ll poke holes in the air and all the faeries will escape.”


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