40 pounds in 40 weeks

This website is the convergence of two things – inspiration and grief.


I was recently inspired by a friend’s daughter who set up a webpage to track her progress with a goal to lose just one pound, one hundred times.  I’ve seen the before and after pictures and she looks fantastic and has lost  58 pounds so far.

Although I don’t believe we’ve ever met, we’re sisters in Christ and she’s adopted an attitude about it that is the right one and really struck a chord with me.  She prays to learn to love the body she has and that God will help her make it stronger in order that she may serve Him better.


I want to help her and I want to join her.  She’s right about that, and right that goals aren’t so bad when you break them down.  I’m not that good at either tracking or reaching my goals without something to motivate me.  So I thought I ought to set a weight loss goal, too.


Sadly enough, my Grandma passed away July 8th of this year, the sale of her house closes this Thursday, it was was sold in order to pay for her stay in assisted living when we thought she had years, not weeks, ahead.  My brother and I spent part of our bereavement leave cleaning out her basement.

My gran lived modestly on a meager penchant and social security.  She lived through the depression and wasted nothing and saved probably too many things.   None of it could go to heaven with her, of course, and it was difficult to move so much stuff during such a hard week.

I have far more possessions than she did.  Many of these things are things I don’t need, things I don’t use, and things other people would be glad to have.  I could sell them or donate them.  When I lived in an apartment, I simply got rid of what I could not store.  I now have a basement and a spare bedroom.  After my housemate moved out and got married, it has become my clutter dumping ground.  These things should not weigh me down and I won’t be taking any of it with me, either.

The last month and a half  when she deteriorated and after she died, I let myself go.  I did everything you shouldn’t.  I ate out, I ate emotionally, I did not get enough sleep, I ate much of what the neighbors brought over, I did not exercise and I packed on ten pounds.

Here I am, the heaviest I have ever been in my life with more junk than I know what to do with.

So, here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to be rid of 40 pounds in 40 weeks.  40 pounds of me and 40 pounds of stuff out of my house.

A pound a week, I think I can do that.

I’ve talked to a friend and she said she’d do it with me, and her mom might join us for the 40 pounds of stuff to be rid of.

I’ll pick up a measuring tape this week and record my measurement and weight tomorrow.  Then I have to figure out how to let her blog on here, too.

I’m thinking of posting “before” pics, but I want to minimize internet stalking.  I think I have to photoshop them into silhouette or do something or neck down.


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